Hey there, great that you have found my little shop! Here are some questions you might want to ask me:


Why are there so few products?

Firstly, I have specifically designed the items, so that the print actually fits the item. I don't like the type of shop that uploads one image and just prints it onto everything from coffee mugs to puzzles without changing a thing about the print's layout. It simply looks very shit in most cases. So if I design a poster, I only print it as a poster and if I want it as postcard, I redesign the entire thing, so it works best for the new format.

Secondly, I only sell items that I already have physically at home. This is not a print-on-demand shop with automatic shipping, where you can order as much as you want whenever you want. I want to order them at my local print shop, look at the outcome, sign them, pack them the way I want etc. Also, that leads to another question...


Where do the high prices come from?

Well, as I said, I am producing the products before I can start to sell them. So, I already paid money without the guarantee that I would ever sell it later. It's very possible, that those posters pick up mould after sitting untouched in a dusty corner of my room for 13 years. If I pre-printed multiple copies of something, I have to find a good price for each of them which covers at least a fair bit of the costs I had in the beginning whilst staying at a reasonable level. If I suddenly sell tons, I promise to reduce the prices.


What if something gets out of stock?

That'd be great for me, because that means that people want it more than I expected! I'll restock as soon as I can, and if that is too slow for you, drop me a message.


I would find X very cool to have, but you only sell Y!

If you found a cool image on my website which you want a print of, well, just text me and I'll tell you if your wish can be fulfilled.


How can I pay?

Currently, it is only possible via PayPal (and their own methods, I suppose).