Print "The Sprott Attractors"

Coming soon 19.00 - 42.00

A medium-sized print of the 19 Sprott Attractors in minimalistic black and white. The three-dimensional sets of ordinary differential equations are shown beneath each of the attractors.

A small informatic paragraph in the bottom left corner reads:
"These 19 strange attractors were found by J.C. Sprott who published their equations in 'Some simple chaotic flows', Phys. Rev. E in 1994 and proved them to be chaotic and algebraically independent. They are the simplest possible sets of equations that yield chaos in three dimensions."

The print is done on thick 234 gram Fujifilm paper and measures 42 x 59.4 cm (DIN A2 format). Each attractor is approximately 7 x 6 cm in size, to give you an idea of the details you'll see.

In case you want to frame it well and value high quality paper, you can pick another option from the list below. Notice, that if you select something other than the standard Fujifilm option, it will take a fair bit longer to ship because I don't have it in stock and need to print your order first.

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